March 18th 1689

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David Leslie, 3rd Earl of Leven raises a new Regiment for the protection of the City of Edinburgh against the Jacobites. Over 800 men are recruited within the space of two hours in the grounds of Holyrood Abbey.

July 27th 1689

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Six regiments of foot, including Leven’s Regiment, face the Jacobite army at the Pass of Killiecrankie. Although the Government forces are forced to retreat, Leven’s Regiment acquits itself well, and as a reward is granted the privilege of beating up for recruits in Edinburgh without the permission of the Lord Provost.

July 27th 1695

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At the Siege of Namur in Flanders, over 500 officers and men are killed by a mine. The Regiment rallies, and renews the assault on the French garrison, driving the enemy back and capturing part of the offences. ‘Namur’ is later awarded as a Battle Honour to be borne on the Regimental Colours.