September 2012

November 13th 1715

The Regiment forms part of a Government army sent to fight Jacobite forces at Sheriffmuir. Though inconclusive, the action ends the Jacobite campaign for the time being.

August 2012

1719 – 1728


1728 – 1736

Gibraltar. Part of a garrison of 6000 men besieged by Spanish forces.

July 2012

1743 – 1746

Flanders. The 25th Foot fight the French at Fontenoy (10th May 1745), and later garrison the town of Ath, under siege by the French.

16th April 1746

The Battle of Culloden – the Regiment’s third major encounter with the Jacobites, defending the Government Army’s left wing and inflicting heavy casualties on the rebels. The defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army marks the end of Jacobite hopes for the return of a Stuart monarch to the British throne.

June 2012


The Regiment is officially titled The 25th Regiment of Foot.