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May 2012

1st August 1759

Six regiments of the British Army, together with two battalions of Hanoverian Guards, confront the might of the French cavalry at Minden. Repeated cavalry charges are repulsed, and the main body of the French cavalry is broken, uniquely by unsupported infantry. ‘Minden Day’ becomes the Regimental Day.

April 2012

1782 – 1792

Gibraltar. ‘Great Siege’ by French and Spanish forces ended 1783.

March 2012

1st June 1794

Detachments of the Regiment, serving as marines aboard ships of Admiral Howe’s fleet, take part in the great naval victory over the French 400 miles off Brest known as ‘the Glorious First of June’.

February 2012

7th May 1805

Having been ‘The Sussex Regiment’ since 1782, the Regiment is redesignated ‘The 25th (King’s Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot’ and becomes a Royal Regiment.

January 2012

1808 – 1817

1st Battalion West Indies. 2nd Battalion Baltic Expedition and Low Countries; disbanded 1816.

December 2011

1840 – 1842

South Africa: Cape of Good Hope, Natal (confrontation with Boers).

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